Best golf balls for beginners

Best golf balls for beginners

It doesn’t matter if you are a tour pro or if you’re just starting out – you should find your favourite golf ball and stick with it. Every type of ball behaves differently.

Some are soft, giving an amazing feel around and on the greens. Others are built for speed, flying through the air with awesome distance. When you chop and change, it’s hard to find any consistency at whatever standard you play.

The best golf balls for beginners will come down to price. You’re going to lose way more balls than more experienced golfers, so there is little point in buying premium balls like Titleist Pro V1 if you’re going to lose six of them on the front nine.

Instead, our selection of the best golf balls for beginners are priced much lower, plus they are engineered towards players with a slower swing speed. You won’t feel so bad when you lose them in the rough, the woods, the water or the farmer’s field next to the course.

Your best golf balls for beginners

Without further delay, here are our recommended golf balls for beginners.

Vice Drive

In our opinion, this is the best Vice golf ball for beginners. Vice is a relatively new brand that makes high-quality balls but at a much lower cost.

There are different types of Vice ball and while the Pro and the Soft versions all have their merits, the Drive wins on cost making it the best golf balls for beginner ladies and gents.

Unusually for a new name in golf, Vice golf balls have quickly gained a reputation for offering exceptional performance and durability for a low cost.

Pinnacle Soft – 15 balls

Pinnacle soft best golf ball for beginners

Pinnacle have something of an unfair reputation for being cheap and cheerful. But truth be told, these are one of the best golf balls for beginners that money can buy.

The soft ball gives you really good feel around and on the green, which is where you will be taking most of your shots. Sure, these balls are not designed to fly 300 yards down the fairway but let’s be honest, how many golfing beginners can do that anyway?

What we like best about the Pinnacle Soft balls is the price. This pack has 15 balls in, three more than the usual dozen, and still comes in at a great price point. Buy Pinnacle soft balls here.

Srixon AD333

Srixon is a highly-regarded golf ball manufacturer. These AD333 use the company’s SpinSkin technology which allows you to get decent spin from your wedge and short iron play.

Most beginners and high handicappers are looking for a ball that reacts well, performs for slow club head speeds (ie you’re not swinging like Bryson DeChambeau) and come in at an affordable price.

The Srixon AD333 is a good all-round golf ball for beginners, and you can buy it here. A decent alternative for golf beginners or high handicappers is the Srixon Soft Feel ball, which claims to go longer and straighter.


TaylorMade RBZ Soft

TaylorMade RBZ golf balls for beginners

The first of two TaylorMade entries in our best golf balls for beginners guide. The RBZ Soft has a soft lonomer cover and is designed to last. However, at an excellent price point, it doesn’t matter if you shank one into the water, or slice one into the trees, never to be seen again.

TaylorMade is a trusted name in golf, and you will feel like a million dollars on the tee.

Wilson Tour Velocity – 15 balls

Wilson is a bit like Pinnacle when it comes to golf balls; experienced players don’t think they are fashionable.

But for beginners, Wilson golf balls are ideal. They fly in the right direction, stop reasonably well on the greens (unless you shank it from one side to another at 40 miles per hour) – and remain unscuffed long enough for you to care.

The Wilson Tour Velocity golf ball claims extreme distance from tee to green, which might be a little over the top. But the fact is you get 15 balls in this pack, and that makes it worthy of our list for the best golf balls for beginners.

Callaway Warbird

The Callaway entry for our best golf balls for beginners guide is the much-loved Warbird. It’s a cool name, comes in cool packaging and is from one of the most respected names in golf.

The Callaway Warbird balls fly well and many mid-handicappers swear they are as good as some Titleist balls, except for slightly less feel around the greens.

With a competitive price, new and high-handicap golfers will find them a fantastic buy. Get your Callaway Warbird balls here.

Nitro Maximum Distance

Here’s an interesting choice of golf ball for new players. Nitro is not a name that is well known in the sport, and these bright orange balls will certainly get them noticed.

Some players prefer playing with bright orange balls, claiming it’s easier to pick up the ball in flight. It might also be easier to find in the rough or trees – except later in the year when the ground is littlered with reds and brown leaves from the trees.

These Nitro golf balls claim ‘Maximum Distance’, which is not necessarily true. Most Titleist, Srixons and Bridgestone golf balls will go much further. But for the price, they are more than up to the test, and they get consistently good reviews on Amazon from players like you.

TaylorMade Distance+

The second TaylorMade on our list of best golf balls for beginners is the Distance+. Like the RBZ Soft earlier, this ball is a respectable price and won’t cost you a small mortgage to replace.

In reality, the distance is quite good but most beginner golfers won’t see the difference from a premium ball like the Bridgestone Tour B XS.

What we also like about this TaylorMade Distance+ golf ball is the alignment line, which will help you line up your putts.

Titleist TruFeel

Titleist produces the world’s best-known golf balls. Incredible quality and durability, they are the number one ball on the professional tours.

But that quality and reputation comes with a high cost, which is why you won’t find us recommending Titleist Pro V1 balls in this guide. With that being said, if money is no issue for you, and you don’t mind leaving your Pro V1’s around the course, then this is absolutely the best ball money can buy.

For beginners and high handicappers, you can still afford to play with a Titleist if you go for the Titleist TruFeel, which comes in at the lowest-priced ball that the brand produces.

Why you should buy the best golf balls for beginners

It’s easy to think that because you are a beginner or a high handicap golfer, you should play with any ball. Balls you find out on the course, or ones you find at the bottom of your bag from ten years ago.

Yet the truth is, no matter how well you play the game, you need good equipment. The best golf balls for beginners will give you the best results out on the course, no matter how far you usually hit it – or how straight, for that matter.

And by using the same type of ball consistently, you can begin to assess how your game is improving over time. That’s because each type of golf ball behaves differently. Some fly better and longer through the air, perfect for big hitters. Others produce more spin, making it easier to stop the ball on the greens (and even shape your shots).

And you should not play with any balls that are badly scuffed or marked for the same reason – you cannot rely on it for a consistent feel.

So, the best golf balls for beginners are unmarked, and a consistent brand in your golf bag. If you find other balls out on the course, save them for your practise sessions in the garden.

What if I lose my balls?

Losing golf balls is part and parcel of the game for beginners and high handicappers. But while it is frustrating to lob your golf ball into the water, or slice it so wildly off the tee that it’s never seen again, every player does it. Even good players, once in a while.

If you lose your golf ball, the best thing to do is keep your cool. Try to work out what went wrong with your shot, and work on it to make it less likely to happen again. The worst thing you can do is let it go to your head – you’ll end up playing even worse.

Lost your golf ball? Reach into your bag and pull out another one. It’s a game we love, so enjoy the exercise or the company if you are playing with friends, and move on.

Best golf balls for beginners FAQs

What are the best golf balls for beginners?

New golf players will consider price above all else. You realise you will lose more golf balls than experienced players, so it makes more sense to buy cheaper balls, like those from Vice, Pinnacle and some from Callaway and TaylorMade. The most important thing is to choose your preferred ball and stick with it to learn consistency.

Are cheaper golf balls usually bad?

No. Just because a golf ball is cheap it does not have to be inferior. Durability is not so important, for example, because golfing beginner or high handicap golfer will not keep a ball long enough before losing it. There some good examples of cheaper golf balls in this guide, including from Vice and Pinnacle.

What should I do with golf balls I find on the course?

Don’t be tempted to pick up and play with any ball you find out on the course (probably while looking for your own wayward shot!). You want to play with the same ball all the time because every make of golf ball behaves differently. Found balls are often marked or old. If you find lots of balls, why not sell them or swap them with friends?

Are soft or distance golf balls best for beginners?

In our experience, new golfers always try to hit the ball way too hard, thinking the longer they are off the tee, the better. But in reality, new starters should start to learn the feel of the golf ball, especially on or around the greens, and that’s where softer balls help. Distance balls are all well and good – but even if a beginner did smash it 250 yards off the tee, how likely is it to be straight? It might never be seen again.