Best push golf trolley or golf cart to buy today

If you’re a golfer, then you know that getting the best push golf trolley is one of the most important decisions. The best golf trolleys are ones that are lightweight and can be easily maneuvered around tight corners. They also need to be durable, have good grip on the ground, and have a comfortable handle grip for easy pushing (or pulling).

Golf is a sport that requires many different accessories, some of which you simply must buy – clubs, balls and a bag or trolley. The size of trolley you choose will depend on how much equipment you have and what type of player you are.

You can go all fancy and get an electric trolley, and if you have some issues with your health that’s an excellent idea. But for most of us, that just takes away a lot of the exercise benefits. Getting the best golf trolley is the way to go, trust us.

Your best push golf trolley options

Here are our recommendations for the best push golf trolleys on the market today.

Motocaddy Cube compact golf cart

Motocaddy Cube compact push golf cart trolley

You won’t believe how small this push golf trolley becomes when you fold it up, using the simple two-step system,. It’s perfect for fitting into any car at the end of your game.

The oversize wheels on the Motocaddy Cube compact have maintenance-free rubber tyres, plus a convenient foot brake. You get a drink and scorecard holder, tee and ball holders and more.

If you have a compatible Motocaddy golf bag, you also benefit from the Easilock base, which grips the bag to the trolley so that it does not twist or come loose. There are the usual straps to keep any other make of bag tight.

Clicgear Golf Model 4.0

Clicgear Golf Model 4 trolley cart

Lightweight but sturdy, this is absolutely one of the best push trolleys you can buy. It folds away conveniently (fold-down size is 33cm x 38cm x 60cm), and the storage net and cup holder is larger than normal, so it can take oversize drink bottles. The umbrella holder is included and the handle is a comfortable, strong foam.

This trolley will take your golf bag and keep it secure with tough strapping no matter how many lumps and bumps you haul it over out on the course. The Clickgear Golf Model 4.0 trolley is available in a range of colours, including black, yellow, green, blue. white and beige.

Clicgear has also updated its brake system, so your beloved trolley and clubs won’t go running off down the hill while your prepping your next shot!

Caddytek EZ-Fold 3

Caddytek EZ-Fold 3 golf trolley cart

This Caddytek EZ-Fold 3 uses a patented one-click button that folds the card in two steps to a compact size. The strong aluminium frame weighs less than 18.5 lbs, so it’s easy to get in and out of your vehicle in the golf club car park.

While there is the usual mesh net to hold things like balls and tees, there is a also a basket with a cooler built-in – how cool is that! Now you can enjoy a cold drink out on the course even when the drinks cart is nowhere to be seen.

The Caddyteck EZ-Fold 3 golf cart also has a patented press to brake, press again to release foot brake so your trolley won’t wander down a hill.

Powakaddy Twinline 4

Powakaddy Twinline 4 golf trolley

The Powakaddy Twinline 4 golf cart push trolley comes in a choice of white or black colours. It is one of the more economical choices in our guide to the best push golf trolley.

But don’t let the price fool you. It’s well built, has a quick folding system and does all that you need like carrying your clubs with ease, a scorecard holder and drinks holder. The trolley suits players of all abilities but if you are a novice check out our best golf balls for beginners.

And, because some of our readers will be from the UK, you will be pleased to note there is a golf umbrella holder on this Powakaddy Twinline 4 trolley, too.

Yorrx Golf Trolley PRO 7

Yorxx Golf Trolley PRO 7

The first of our best push golf trolley carts that has a front wheel that turn’s 360 degrees. It adds a nice degree of versatility, but if you don’t like it, you can easily fix in it place so it acts like the rear wheels.

This Yorrx Golf Trolley PRO 7 has a smart, two-tone look in white with blue or pink trim, or an all-black design. It is compact, easy to use and comes with an adjustable height for comfort.

Drinks holder and umbrella holder included.

Motocaddy P1 best push golf trolley

Motocaddy P1 best push golf trolley

The oversize wheels on this golf trolley give it additional sturdiness, making your experience hassle free no matter what the conditions or where you take your trolley on the course.

With an easy push, ergonomic handle, golfers of all sizes will enjoy this cart. The accessory compartment has space for your drink, scorecard holder, plus tee and ball holders.

Best of all, the Motocaddy P1 lightweight push golf trolley comes with a two-year warranty.