The history of golf

St Andrew's in Scotland, the home of golf
St Andrew’s in Scotland, the home of golf

Golf is a sport that is played by people all over the world and has been around for hundreds of years. In one sense, it’s not much different from other sports: it requires training, practice, and dedication to get good at it. But in another sense, golf is completely different from most other sports because you’re playing against yourself – not an opponent.

Golf is an ancient game. It started as a means of mock combat and became popular among the nobility in medieval Scotland.

It’s believed that the game may have been invented by shepherds who wanted to keep their sheep out of certain areas of land. The first golf club was established in 1754.

Golf became popular in England during the 18th century and soon spread throughout Europe and North America.

Rules of Golf

There are all sorts of rules and traditions throughout the years. Golfers have always had to abide by certain regulations in order to play on any course or organisation. One rule that was recently introduced into golfing etiquette states that it is now illegal to use your phone on the green while playing.

These new laws are designed to keep players from being distracted during their game, as well as prevent them from taking photos or videos of other people’s shots without permission (which could be considered spying).

Other recent rule changes included allowing players to leave the pin in the hole when putting, plus when dropping the ball at a penalty point, being able to do so from knee height, rather than from shoulder height. The idea is that the ball does not roll away so frequently, requiring the player to have another go, which slows down play.

Golf tournaments are now televised on networks like ESPN and NBC Sports in the US, and Sky Sports in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. There are also many professional tours to choose from including the LPGA Tour, PGA Tour, European Tour-Challenge Tour, Tour (formerly Nationwide), Champions tour (formerly Senior PGA) and the Asian circuit as well as various other minor circuits that offer different types of events such as Seniors or Ladies only competitions.

Tiger Woods, most successful modern player

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer in history, and many people have an opinion on him. Some think he is not a good example because of his marriage scandals that were all over the news. Others think he’s great because they love to watch him play golf and are impressed by his achievements. He has won 15 majors (Jack Nicklaus is ahead with 18) and 82 PGA Tour Events.

It remains to be seen if Woods will get back to anything like his best after his well-publicised car accident in Los Angeles when his rented vehicle ran off the road.